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RISC-V chip manufacturer Saifang Technology joins Huawei openEuler community

  • Publicado:2021-06-02 06:33:59
  • Viene de:CMS
  • Haga clic en Count:534

Recently, StarFive Technology Co., Ltd. (StarFive, hereinafter referred to as "Saifang Technology"), a leading RISC-V processor, platform and solution provider, signed a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the openEuler community.


As a general-purpose processor instruction set architecture (ISA), RISC-V has technical advantages such as open source, simplicity, strong scalability, and superior design coordination performance. At present, openEuler has achieved support for the RISC-V architecture, and established the RISC-V SIG (Special Interest Group) group in 2019, dedicated to building an operating system for the RISC-V architecture and enriching the RISC-V software ecosystem for openEuler.

StarFive Technology Co., Ltd. (StarFive) was established in 2018. It is a leader in China's RISC-V technology and ecology. It has a complete silicon-proven RISC-V CPU IP product line and platform-based software and hardware full-stack chips. solution. At present, it has successively released the world's first RISC-V Starlight series AI single-board computer, the world's first RISC-V-based Jinghong 7000 series artificial intelligence and image processing platform, and the world's first full-instruction high-performance RISC-V CPU IP Tianshu series processors are widely used in smart home appliances, smart monitoring, industrial robots, traffic management, smart logistics, wearable devices, solid-state storage, network communications, edge computing and other fields.

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