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TPS27082LDDCR Imagen

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Texas Instruments, Inc.
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Chips IC
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21000 PCS

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TPS27082LDDCR detalles del producto


1 Features

• Low ON-Resistance, High Current PFET

– RON = 32 mΩ (Typical) at VGS = –4.5 V 

– RON = 44 mΩ (Typical) at VGS = –3.0 V 

– RON = 85 mΩ (Typical) at VGS = –1.8 V 

– RON = 97 mΩ (Typical) at VGS = –1.5 V 

– RON = 155 mΩ (Typical) at VGS = –1.2 V 

• Configurable Turn-ON and Turn-OFF Slew Rate

– 10-µs Default Minimum Output Rise Time at VIN=5 V 

• Configurable Turnon and Turnoff Slew Rate

• Supports a Wide Range of VIN 1.2 V Up to 8 V 

• Excellent OFF Isolation Even Under Fast Input Transients

• 1.0V up to 8V NMOS Control Logic Interface With Configurable Hystersis

• Fully Protected Against ESD (All Pins)

– HBM 2000 V, CDM 500 V 

• Very Low ON-state Quiescent Current (Down to 1.2 µA)

• Very Low OFF-state Leakage Current (Typical 100 nA)

• Available in 2.9 mm × 1.6 mm x 0.75mm SOT-23 (DDC) Package

2 Applications

• High-Side Load Switches

• Inrush-current Controls

• Power Sequencing and Controls

• Stand-by Power Isolation

• Portable Power Switches

3 Description

The TPS27082L IC is a high-side load switch that integrates a Power PFET and a control circuit in a tiny TSOT-23 package. TPS27082L requires very low ON-state quiescent current and offers very low OFFstate leakage thus optimizing system power efficiency.

TPS27082L ON/OFF logic interface features hysteresis, thus providing a robust logic interface even under very noisy operating conditions. TPS27082L ON/OFF interface supports direct interfacing to low voltage GPIOs down to 1 V. The TPS27082L level shifts ON/OFF logic signal to VIN levels without requiring an external level shifter. TPS27082L features a novel OFF isolation circuit that prevents PMOS from turning ON in applications that may have fast transients, at the VIN pin when the load switch is in the OFF-state.


Request a quote TPS27082LDDCR at censtry.com. All items are new and original with 365 days warranty! The excellent quality and guaranteed services of TPS27082LDDCR In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications, and order contact us:sales@censtry.com
The price and lead time for TPS27082LDDCR depending on the quantity required, Please send your request to us, Our sales team will provide you price and delivery within 24 hours, We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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