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It is reported that the key supply confirmation of SMIC's mature process has been licensed.

  • Publicado:2021-01-05 07:52:09
  • Viene de:CMS
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According to the "Science Innovation Board Daily" news, SMIC's key supply of mature manufacturing process has been licensed. Part of the license this time includes EDA, equipment and materials.

Digitimes etc. reported that SMIC has obtained a mature process license from the United States. Some media asked the industry to verify that the news was true.


Affected by this news, SMIC rose nearly 5% after the opening of the Hong Kong stock market. The latest list of directors announced by SMIC on the evening of December 31 showed that Liang Mengsong was still co-CEO. As of 10:52 in the morning, SMIC rose 2% to HK$22.55, with a market value of HK$130 billion.

It is understood that recent media reports pointed out that SMIC has gone from the 20nm process to the 3nm process. The only thing missing is the EUV lithography machine. With the EUV lithography machine, SMIC can also mass produce 3nm chips.

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